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AAFCC and "Pour la Science" promote a special issue on adaptation to climate change

The publication of the French edition of "Scientific American" gathers ten articles on the issues considered by the research on adaptation to climate change

Cover publication AAFCC - Pour la Science FR ENG. © INRA, PLS / Inra
Updated on 03/05/2015
Published on 03/03/2015

Faced with progressive warming of the Earth’s surface over several decades and the increased frequency of extreme events, it is time to do more than just fight the greenhouse effect and estimate the full magnitude of climate change. It is necessary now to evaluate the consequences of these changes and anticipate adaptations that should be considered.

Within this framework, the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) has created a metaprogramme called “Adaptation of agriculture and forests to climate change” (AAFCC).

The publication of the fifth IPCC report has provided the opportunity to present a comprehensive overview of research conducted on adaptation to climate change:

  • Foreword, by F.Houllier
  • Adaptation to climate change, by J.-M.Guehl and J.-F.Soussana
  • Challenges facing agriculture, by P.Debaeke, S.Pellerin, J.Le Gouis, A.Bispo, T.Eglin and A.Trévisiol
  • Adapting livestock systems to climate change, by A.Mottet, D.Renaudeau and J.-F.Soussana
  • Towards adaptive forest management, by F.Lefèvre, D.Loustau and B.Marçais
  • Preserving the richness of aquatic environments, by M.-É.Perga, É.Prévost and J.-L.Baglinière
  • Anticipating a decrease in water resources, by F.Habets, Ph.Mérot, B.Itier and A.Thomas
  • Moving towards a new discipline – health ecology, by O.Plantard, L.Huber and J.-F.Guégan
  • How do we cope with migration flows?, by F.Gemenne
  • The economic issues, by P.-A Jayet, S.De Cara and N.de Noblet-Ducoudré
  • From threats to solutions, by J.-F.Soussana, T.Caquet and J.Mousset
  • The Inra metaprogramme on “Adaptation of agriculture and forests to climate change”, by T.Caquet, J.-M.Guehl and N.Breda

Download here the publication: In English Special Issue AAFCC - Pour la Science: Adaptation to Climate Change ENG

In French Special Issue AAFCC - Pour la Science: Adaptation to Climate Change FR