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ERA4CS joint transnational call launched

The ERA-NET Consortium “European Research Area for Climate Services” (ERA4CS) gathers partners from 18 countries, contributing either by cash funding or by in-kind resources. A total budget of about 72 Mio € has been provisionally allocated for this call to support 3 years transnational collaborative research projects.

Closing date for step-one proposals: 15 June 2016 for topic A and 15 July 2016 for topic B.

Updated on 06/14/2016
Published on 03/04/2016

Main objectives of the ERA4CS call

  • to enhance user adoption of and satisfaction with Climate Services (incl. adaptation services)
  • to improve the quality of climate services
  • to improve the scientific expertise on Climate Change risks and adaptation options, and to connect that knowledge with decision-making

Proposal should address only one of the following Topic (A or B), if compliant with eligibility. There should be no redundancy between the Topic A and Topic B proposals.

Topic A - Advanced co-development with users, supported in cash by 13 national Research Funding Organisations (RFOs)
A.1: Research in support of the development and deployment of Climate Services
A.2: Integration and application of Climate Science for decision making
A.3: Research for co-development of advanced Climate Services

Research Funding Organisation (RFO) supporting Topic A in France: ANR
National Annex and Contact Point here.
ANR will fund from 0.5 to 1.5 M€ per proposals

Topic B - Institutional integration between 30 predetermined Research Performing Organisations (RPOs)
B.1: Development of new methods and tools
B.2: Impacts studies and models
B.3: Localisation of climate information and evaluation of uncertainties

Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) supporting Topic B in France and their Annexes and Contact Points here.


•    Opening Date of the Call: 1 March 2016
•    Launch Event of submission portal at Adaptation Futures Conference: 10 May 2016
•    Closing date for step-one proposals for Topic A: new date 30 June 2016
•    Closing date for step-one proposals for Topic B: 15 July 2016
•    Step-two invitation:15 September 2016
•    Closing date for submission of step-two proposals: 15 November 2016
•    Communication of final results: February 2017
•    Start of projects: Spring 2017
•    End of projects: Spring 2020

Evaluation criteria

Excellence, impact and quality and efficiency of the implementation

Rules for INRA research teams

The three subtopics of Topic B are eligible for INRA funding, provided that proposals involving INRA personals fit within the scope of the INRA Metaprogramme Adaptation of Agriculture and Forest to Climate Change (AAFCC).

All intentions must have been declared at least 15 days before the submission deadline to the contact person mentioned below and validated by AAFCC portfolio of services steering committee before being submitted.

INRA contact point

Name: Barbara LACOR
Telephone number : +33(0)3 83 39 40 00
Email address : barbara.lacor@nancy.inra.fr

The ERA-NET Consortium “European Research Area for Climate Services”, so-called ERA4CS, has been designed to boost the development of efficient Climate Services in Europe, by supporting research for developing better tools, methods and standards on how to produce, transfer, communicate and use reliable climate information to cope with current and future climate variability. ERA4CS is an initiative of JPI Climate.

More information

ERA4CS joint call text : http://www.jpi-climate.eu/ERA4CS.activities/jointcall

Download : ERA4CS joint call .

Information sourceERA4CS website

Logo Conference Adaptation Futures 2016. © INRA

Save the Date !

ERA4CS : Side event AF2016

At the occasion of the start of ERA4CS, JPI Climate, an intergovernmental initiative of major European research funding bodies, promotes a workshop on the potential contribution of climate science to risk management strategies in the private sector, in the frame of the “Adaptation Futures Conference, Rotterdam 10-13 May”.

Venue : Rotterdam, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, room tbc

May 9 – 13:30-17:00

More information