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Adaptation to Climate Change discussed at CFCC15

Several projects of the AAFCC metaprogramme present their work on adaptation to climate change at the International Scientific Conference « Our Common Future under Climate Change », from 7 to 10 July 2015, Paris. More information and suggestions below.

Updated on 07/10/2015
Published on 07/08/2015

Wednesday 08 July


Parallel session 2220 - Landscape level adaptation and mitigation: integrating science, policy and practice

  • Oral presentation 2220-01

Adaptation Services: How biodiversity can support climate adaptation pathways
S. Lavorel; M. Colloff; S. Mcintyre; M. Doherty; M. Dunlop; H. Murphy; D. Metcalfe; R. Wise

  • Oral presentation 2220-02

A Community Forestry-landscape based approach to climate change adaptation
R. Pairojmahakij; R. Triraganon; D. Gritten; B. Poudyal

  • Poster 2220-02

Impacts of land cover changes on ecosystem service delivery using remote sensing, GIS and social innovation tools at Duiwenhoks catchment
M. Tshindane



Parallel session 2223 - Modeling Our Agricultural Future (AgMIP)
UPMC Jussieu - Amphi 25

Oral presentation O-2223-02
How accurately do crop models simulate the impact of CO2 atmospheric concentration on maize yield and water use?
JL. Durand; K. Delusca; K. Boote; J. Lizaso; R. Manderscheid; C. Rosenzweig; J. Jones; HJ.
Weigel; A. Ruane

  • Oral presentation K-2223-02

Projecting grassland sensitivity to climate change from an ensemble of models
JF. Soussana; F. Ehrhardt; R. Conant; M. Harrison; M. Lieffering; G. Bellocchi; A. Moore; S. Rolinski; V. Snow; L. Wu; A. Ruane

Oral presentation K-2223-01
FACCE MACSUR: Modelling Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security
M. Köchy; M. Banse; R. Tiffin; F. Ewert; N. Scollan; F. Brouwer; R. Rötter; A. Bannink; F. Sinabell

Parallel session 1101 - From the holocene to the Anthropocene: the history of human-environmental interactions
UPMC Jussieu - ROOM 103 - Block 24/34

  • Oral presentation K-1101-03

High-resolution paleolimnology opens new management perspectives for lakes adaptation to climate warming
M. Perga; V. Frossard; JP. Jenny; B. Alric; F. Arnaud; V. Berthon; L. Domaizon; C. Giguet-Covex; M. Magny; M. Manca; A. Marchetto; L. Millet; C. Paillès; C. Pignol; J. Poulenard; JL. Reyss; F. Rimet; P. Sabatier; F. Sylvestre; V. Verneaux


Parallel session 2217 “Global scenarios of land-use change and land-based mitigation, and their importance in the climate system”
UNESCO Fontenoy - ROOM I Parallel Session

Poster 2217-09
Genetic diversity of perennial grass species in response to temperature during germination
AJ. Escobar Gutiérrez; LQ. Ahmed; JL. Durand

Parallel session 2218 - Land-based mitigation: agriculture, forests, bioenergy

  • Oral presentation O-2218-03

ORACLE: Opportunities and Risks of Agro-systems & forests in response to CLimate, socio-economic and policy changEs in France
N. De Noblet-Ducoudré; I. Garcia De Cortazar-Atauri; JD. Bontemps; JC. Calvet; D. Carrer; J. Caubel; P. Delacote; PA. Jayet; N. Laanaia; L. Antonello; D. Loustau; A. Lungarska; S. Wieruszeski

Parallel session 2225 - Climate Smart Agriculture: Propaganda or Paradigm
UNESCO Fontenoy - ROOM XI Parallel Session

  • Jean-François Soussana - Keynote speaker
  • Poster 2225-13

Exploring solutions in response to Biosinvasions threatening agroecosystems under climate change scenarios: pest/predator adaptation and biodiversity management of acarofauna as an example
M. Navajas; MS. Tixier

Parallel Session 2216 - Climate smart forestry- Integrating mitigation and adaptation into sustainable development

  • Oral presentation O-2216-03

The loop effect: quantifying the mitigation potential of the forest sector when adaptation strategies are also taken into account.
A case study for France
A. Barkaoui; JD. Bontemps; S. Caurla; P. Delacote; L. Antonello; P. Mérian  

  • Poster 2216-08

Climatic impacts on managed forests: predicting the future from the past
S. Martel; D. Picart; C. Moisy; S. Lafont; D. Loustau; A. Bosc; O. Picard; V. Badeau; N. Bréda; J. Boiffin

Poster 2244-06
Fostering forest system resilience through managing biodiversity: the case of Mediterranean forests
F. Lefevre; R. Alia; L. Coll. ; H. Daly-Hassen; D. Pettenella

Thursday 9 July

11:30 – 13:00

Large Parallel Session L3.5 - Benefits of mitigation of climate change for coastal areas

  • Oral presentation K-L3.5-05

Achieving the Potential Contribution of Planted Forests to Adaptation to and Mitigation of Climate Change
JM. Carnus; P. Freer-Smith; M. Tomé; P. Tim; T. Fox; W. Kollert; C. Orazio; J. Morison



Parallel session 2224 - Agrarian and pastoral societies: adaptive strategies and Innovations
UPMC Jussieu - Amphi 15

Oral presentation K-2224-05
Adaptation of Irrigated agriculture to climate CHAnge: trans-disciplinary modelling of a watershed in South India
L. Ruiz

Poster 2224-21
Grape growing: a symbolic marker of climate evolution and a model to study adaptation
N. Ollat; I. Garcia De Cortazar-Atauri; C. Van Leeuwen; E. Duchêne; P. Pieri; H. Quenol; B. Bois; G. Barbeau; P. Vivin; E. Lebon; JP. Goutouly; H. Ojeda; L. De Resseguier; E. Neethling; JM. Boursiquot; JM. Touzard

Poster 2224-04
The INRA metaprogramme on Adaptation of Agriculture and Forests to Climate Change (AAFCC)
T. Caquet; N. Breda; JP. Amigues; C. Gascuel-Odoux; K. Chalvet-Monfray; P. Debaeke; JM. Touzard; JF. Soussana

Poster 2224-03
Develop a web service portfolio to support the adaptation of agriculture, forestry and water management to climate change
N. Breda; A. Chénot; T. Caquet; C. Gascuel-Odoux; JF. Soussana

And also:
Poster 2224-07
Increasing within-field diversity to foster agro-ecosystem services and cope with climate change
J. Enjalbert; X. Le Roux; V. Allard; B. Andrieu; S. Barot; J. Borg; D. Descoureaux; C. De Vallavielle-Pope; A. Gauffreteau; I. Goldringer; S. Lemarié; S. Saint-Jean; T. Wheatamix Consortium; E. Porcher

Parallel session 3326 - The Mediterranean Basin in a warmer and drier world: challenges and opportunities
UPMC Jussieu - Amphi Astier

  • Poster 3326-10

Accounting for ecological processes changes niche modeling predictions: adaptation of Mediterranean forests to climate change as a model
E. Rigolot; S. Oddou-Muratorio; F. Courbet; B. Fady; F. Lefèvre; N. Martin

Presentations available here: http://fr.slideshare.net/CFCC15